Digital Artist & Game Developer

Terms & Pricing

Will Draw

  • Original Characters & Self Inserts.
  • Your characters from DnD, FFXIV, Monster Hunter, ESO, and other games or MMOs.
  • Player/NPC or OC/Character ships.
  • Nekomimi and some anthro.
  • Blood.
  • NSFW.

Will Not Draw

  • Underage characters in any way that is sexualized or suggestive.
  • Mechas.
  • Characters that are not very humanoid.
  • I will have the right to decline any requests that I do not feel confident enough to do, as well as any requests that make me uncomfortable to be involved in. If this is the case you’ll be informed up front.

The Process


Send me an e-mail or DM so we can talk out the details, time frame, price estimate, see references and make sure we’re both on the same page.

If I accept your commission, I’ll add you to the queue. When I am ready to begin on your artwork, I’ll contact you and send a PayPal invoice.


Once your invoice is paid, I’ll start your commission! If you provided a pose reference I’ll send you one sketch for approval. If you did not provide a pose reference I’ll send 2 sketches and you’ll select one sketch to finalize and continue with the commission.

If you have any concerns or want to make any changes, this is the best time to let me know so I can address them!

Once you approve the sketch, I’ll start lining, coloring, and working my magic on it! I’ll send a WIP after the artwork is lined, and another WIP when flat colors are done. If any colors need to be adjusted, please let me know!


Once the drawing is done I’ll email the finished piece to you!

Enjoy your artwork!

The Detailed Terms

  • Payment must be made in full through Paypal before I begin to work on your commission.
  • The queue is first come, first serve.
  • Personal commissions cannot be used or redistributed for profit or exposure. If you have any questions about what that means please contact me directly.
  • You are able to cancel your commission for a full refund up until you approve the final sketch. Once the sketch is approved, it can no longer be canceled.
    • I will inform you of your position in the queue, give you a time frame, tell you when I’m ready to start your commission, and will present you with a preview sketch for approval, as well as a WIP of the flat colors so you know how the artwork is progressing. If there are any issues, concerns or updates I should be aware of, please let me know before approving the sketch. In the event of coloring issues, please inform me as soon as possible after receiving the flat colored WIP.
  • If I made a mistake on your commission after it has been completed or is near completion, and was not due to insufficient references or guidance, I will gladly correct it for you. However, if you request changes that do not line up with what we discussed at the start of the commission process, there will be a limit of 2 small changes you can make. If we cannot work something out, your commission may be partially refunded, fully refunded or cancelled at my discretion. I want you to be happy with your finished artwork and I want to work with you to make that happen, however I cannot invest so much time into redrawing things that were never discussed or agreed upon to begin with. Again, please bring up any concerns you may have as soon as possible and don’t hesitate to let me know if you have a question at any point.
  • If I contact you to inform you I’m ready to start on your commission and do not hear back within 3 days, you will be pushed down the queue and I’ll move on to the next person. If I still do not hear back within 7 days, I will remove you from the queue entirely. If you’ve made any payment, it will be fully refunded.
  • I will be allowed to include the finished artwork in my portfolio as well as share it on my social media pages unless otherwise stated.
  • By commissioning me, you understand and agree to these terms.
  • Commercial Terms may differ. Please contact me directly to talk the details out.


All prices are in USD and per character. Two characters would be x2 and so on.
Please note that these prices for PERSONAL work. For Commercial work please contact me directly to discuss the project scope and details.

Grayscale Lined Characters

Half body – $75
Full body – $

Prices indicate a single character, an additional character would be x2 and so on.

If there’s intricate details such as large detailed wings, intricate armor, scales, detailed tattoos, etc. +$20- $40

Full Colored Character

Solid color or transparent background by default. Prices indicate a single character. An additional character would be x2 and so on.

Half body – $150
Full body – $250

If there’s intricate details such as large detailed wings, intricate armor, scales, detailed tattoos, etc +$20- $40

Backgrounds can be included for $40 to $100 depending on complexity.

CGs & Illustrations

Includes a background by default. Characters can interact with the scene. Great for storytelling.

Contact me for an estimate. In addition to the characters, I’ll need to know the narrative and location you have in mind before I can determine the price.

Reference Sheets

Reference sheets are always full body and fully colored.

Character with front and back view – $280

+ add a detail panel (maximum of 4) for $15 each
+ if I’m creating a reference sheet from text only +$50

If there’s intricate details such as large detailed wings, intricate armor, scales, detailed tattoos, etc. +$20- $40

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